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Stage 4 Multi Point Weld in Roll Cage - MSUK / FIA Compliant

Stage 4: £P.O.A 
Supplied and Fitted

Multi Point Weld in Roll Cage - MSUK / FIA Compliant

This is a step up from Stage 3 for those looking for more protection and rigidity (additional tubes are in bold below). It is MSUK/FIA Compliant which is achieved by by using the correct Mainhoop and Main Cage Tubing Diameter Tubing according to the age of your vehicle.

Additional tubes available for an additional cost.

Made from ROPT510 CDS Roll Cage Tube

As the illustration suggests, this cage consists of the following:-

Mainhoop 45mm Diameter Tubing

Front Legs are 38mm Diameter Tubing

Rear Stays - 38mm Diameter

Rear Stay Brace - 38mm Diameter

Rear Turret / Stay Brace - 38mm Diameter

Cross Rear Diagonal - 38mm Diameter

Tunnel to Main Hoop Brace - 38mm Diameter

Dash Rail - 38mm Diameter

Single Roof Diagonal - 38mm Diameter

Harness Bar - 38mm Diameter

Cross Diagonal Door Bars - 38mm Diameter


For cars / cages approved prior to the 1st January 1995, you can use 38mm Tubing for the above sections. After this date, 45mm Diameter Tubing is required. You must satisfy yourself that the roll cage meets your exact requirements for competition.

This is ideal for ALL Historic Rally and Race Cars, Club events, sprints, hill climb, time attack, track day and more. Some overseas events (Belgium etc) MAY require a double door bar design.

Comes with Identification Tag welded to the cage and a Roll Cage Compliance Certificate which is acceptable in most MSUK and FIA events. All tube intersections are TIG welded with MIG welded chassis foot plates.

Any Roll Cage quotation either verbal or in writing is valid for 10 working days from the date of quotation. We reserve the right to withdraw or cancel any quotation without notice at any time before acceptance.

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